The Compensation Operating System

Easily manage your compensation at scale using Milio.

Easily create, import, edit and compare all your roles.

Start with a powerful foundation. Excel-based leveling matrices are finally a thing of the past!

Build comp structures and run analytics right out of the box.

Create as simple or complex comp structures as necessary with multiple currencies and countries, stock options and variable components. Then instantly run all your analytics.

Analyze your data and simulate hiring costs

Easily build queries and simulate future hiring costs without building complex Excel models.

monitor flight risk

Track key metrics

Self-serve analytics

Effortlessly build
leveling matrices

Our Features

We've built a beautiful, yet easy-to-use, enterprise-grade compensation solution so you can focus on what matters most: your people.

We integrate with your existing HR tech stack

Whether it's your HRIS, performance management or ATS: with our integrations your data's always up-to-date and you never have to deal with CSVs again.

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