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compensation management

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Realtime analytics

From reviewing past spending to charting hierarchies, visualize every level and angle of compensation.

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Employee journey

Track your employees’ career trajectory and pay progression.

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Advanced reporting

Take analytics to the next level with fully-customizable reports and graphs across 50+ dimensions.

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Custom comp plans

Define pay bands, spread, overlap and much more for every job level across all regions and countries.

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Merit cycle

Run your merit cycle end-to-end from allocating budget and distributing merit increases to approval workflows.

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Custom workflows

Customize your workflows from single manager to multi-level approval chains.

For teams

Designed for People Ops, Finance and Team Leads

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People Operations

All your operational needs for managing employee compensation including creating, tracking, and adjusting plans.

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Gain clarity into pay through Milio’s visual insights and analytics.

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Team Leads

Track employee compensation and trajectory, ensuring pay equity and boosting retention. When it's time for merit cycles team leads have all they need to make well-informed decisions.

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