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compensation management

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Realtime insights

From reviewing past spend to charting hierarchies, visualize every level and angle of compensation.

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Employee journey

Track your employees’ career trajectory and pay progression.

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Advanced reporting

Take analytics to the next level with fully-customizable reports and graphs across 50+ dimensions.

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Job architecture

From job families and levels to benchmarks and pay bands, build and maintain your job architecture.

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Federated view

Whether you run one or multiple HCMs, your data will always be in sync so you get global visibility across your entire employee population.

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AI-driven job mapping

Map identical roles such as Project Manager and Proj. Manager to drive more value out of your data.

For teams

Designed for People Ops, Finance and Team Leads

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People Operations

All your operational needs for managing employee compensation including creating, tracking, and adjusting plans.

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Gain clarity into pay through Milio’s visual insights and analytics.

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Team Leads

Track employee compensation and trajectory, ensuring pay equity and boosting retention. When it's time for merit cycles team leads have all they need to make well-informed decisions.

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