People Operations

All your operational needs for managing employee compensation including creating, tracking, and adjusting plans.


Advanced analytics across 50+ dimensions

From reviewing past spending to charting hierarchies, visualize every level and angle of your compensation. Analyze trends in finances to see how money and people flow within the company on a global scale. 

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Slice and dice data in real-time across 50+ dimensions. Report both on employees and plans.

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Fine-grained analytics

Take an in-depth look into the details of your plans and people. 

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People flow

Catch new and existing hire pay discrepancies. Analyze commonalities across exits and promotions to understand HR choke points.

Merit Cycle

Run merit cycles with ease

From allocating budget and distributing merit increases to approval workflows, run your merit cycle end-to-end in Milio. You’ll be guided through your merit cycle process with in-depth data analysis, easy-to-navigate tools, and detailed visuals.

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Guided budget allocation

Take the guesswork out of determining your budget using our guided solution.

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One platform for all pay-related decisions

All the data HR, managers, and finance teams need to make key decisions in one place.

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Customized approval workflows

Customize your workflows from single manager to multi-level approval chains.


Build global comp plans

Create customized compensation plans for every job level across all regions and countries. Determine pay bands, spread, and overlap across job families using visual insights and our auto-fill technology.

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Auto-fill pay bands

Determine and apply pay bands on a global scale using our auto-fill technology

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Foster pay equity

Visualize and compare pay to ensure equality across all roles and levels.

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Track employee pay journey

Track your employees’ career trajectory and pay progression.

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